• Our company never concedes high quality standarts in the production of hydrolic elevators which are specially designed for narrow spaces. We offer unlimited alternatives in panoramic cabins on request-with glass doors or stainless stell or satin steel.

  • We perform our best at all times within the frame of speed,aesthetic,and high level of security..Best quality,best designs and our reliable lifts,takes place in the most prestije buildings. As a company performing for nearly half a century,we take priority in high level of security,seriousness,and assurance on the best reliable making lifts as its a matter of people’s life.

  • Factories,workshop and entrepots are places where human and machine power is used in its maximum standarts in an exhausting working routine.Being vertical transportation systems,elevators are very important for their convenience in this busy working tempo.

  • Elevators,play an extreme important indispensable role in the hospitals,for whom time could be as equal as their life at the time. Öz elevators,take priority in the montaj our our elevators to be made with high standarts of comfort,as we provided servies to.To have 100% of best servise,we also offer 24hrs of emegency services…

  • Elevator manufacture for the hotels where the customer satisfaction is the main target requires a special work beyond the standards.Architectual project of the building and the total bed amount are determining elements for the elevator type to be used. Service elevators are as important as the passenger elevators for the proper service.